About Teach901

Who We are

Teach901 is dedicated to recruiting and retaining exceptional teachers for high-needs schools in Memphis, TN. We aim to fill classrooms with passionate, skilled educators who are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of Memphis students. By partnering with schools across the city of Memphis, we ensure that every child receives the quality education they deserve.
A Memphis teacher providing instruction to a student on a large sheet of paper

The Mission

At Teach901, our mission is clear: to transform Memphis education by attracting top talent and supporting teachers throughout their careers. We believe that every student deserves a great teacher, and we work tirelessly to connect outstanding educators with schools that need them most.



Hosting job fairs, visiting colleges, and creating targeted marketing campaigns to attract new teachers to Memphis.


Organizing events and providing resources that support and celebrate teachers, helping them to stay and thrive in their roles.

We maintain an up-to-date job board featuring a wide range of education positions across Memphis, ensuring that both job seekers and schools have access to the latest opportunities and talent.


Offering ongoing professional development and a strong community network to ensure teachers have the tools and support they need.

Let's build a better Memphis, one teacher at a time.


Teach901 is more than just a recruitment service; it’s a community dedicated to the future of Memphis. We invite teachers, recruiters, and job seekers to join us in our mission to elevate education in our city. Whether you’re looking to start your teaching career, find your next great hire, or simply support our cause, there’s a place for you at Teach901.

SUpport the mission

Your support is crucial in helping us continue our work. By donating to City Leadership, the organization behind Teach901, you are investing in the future of education in Memphis. Together, we can create a brighter future for our students and our city.