General Music Teacher

The Soulsville Charter School

REPORTS TO: MS & HS School Directors, The Soulsville Charter School


POSITION: The Soulsville Charter School, full-time regular, exempt


POSITION DESCRIPTION: The General Music teacher has the primary responsibility for providing direct service to students, consulting with other professionals, and discussing issues with parents.  The teacher plans, delivers, and evaluates instructional and performance opportunities for the MS and HS Soulsville General Music programs.



  • Daily MS & HS General Music Instruction
  • Curriculum Development
  • Student Support & Development
  • Student Engagement & Discipline Leadership



  1. Maintain classroom environment with a high degree of discipline and structure.
  2. Leverage the program as a source of motivation for students’ larger academic and social growth.
  3. Plan and deliver choir instruction using teacher directed instruction, project based learning and other methodologies that are appropriate for the students assigned.
  4. Act as a catalyst for student engagement and discipline by integrating and addressing holistic student issues in choir class.
  5. Conduct research and learn about current educational trends and research.
  6. Conduct assessments that are research based and appropriate for the students assigned.
  7. Provide corrective feedback to students and re-teach as necessary to ensure that the students have mastered the objectives.
  8. Conduct research, read professional literature, and reflect in the subject area of assignment.
  9. Communicate with parents of enrolled students.
  10. Implement modifications in a student’s Individual Education Plan/ Individual Learning Plan that are required.
  11. Consult with other school staff as necessary to complete the functions of the position.
  12. Complete written reports and assigned administrative tasks related to these functions.
  13. Utilize preventative discipline methodology with assigned students.
  14. Other reasonable duties as assigned by School Directors and other Soulsville Management.

The ideal candidate will have:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in education or related field, Master’s preferred or related experience.
  2. Tennessee teaching licensure.
  3. Several years as a classroom teacher and demonstrated success and ability in subject area.
  4. Demonstrated strong written and verbal communication skills, including excellent customer service.
  5. Knowledge of current teaching and classroom practices.
  6. Knowledge of applicable federal and state regulations and statutes.
  7. Ability to handle and prioritize multiple complex tasks within a deadline and with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail.
  8. Excellent attention to detail and strong follow-through skills for completing projects.
  9. A strong sense of protocol, tact, and diplomacy and ability to work well with a variety of people and personalities and a willingness to take and utilize constructive feedback.
  10. An understanding of non-profit organizations, events, and especially youth development missions.
  11. Enthusiastic self motivation, the ability to motivate others, and little need for direct supervision.
  12. Desire and ability to work with multicultural youth.
  13. Ability to work with creative people.
  14. An appreciation of music and various musical styles.
  15. A commitment to personal professional growth.
  16. Availability to work flexible hours, including some weekends and holidays.
  17. Ability to stand or sit for long periods of time; ability to lift boxes weighing up to 25 lbs; ability to stoop and reach; ability to climb stairs.
  18. Knowledge of computers and software program (i.e. MS Word, Excel and others) and aptitude and willingness to learn new software programs through hands-on use and self study.
  19. Must possess a valid driver’s license and show proof of liability insurance coverage as required by the laws of the State of Tennessee and be willing and able to obtain an F class endorsement or other endorsements as required.
  20. Demonstrated ability to function as a “team player.”

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