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GTW is a STEM based school that focuses on hands on learning

Teachers design weekly lessons plans, develop standards-based assessments, analyze assessment data, and create intervention plans to meet our 21st Century Learners’ needs. In addition, GTW teachers integrate technology effectively in the classrooms, and implement project-based learning. Responsibilities include:1. Creating lesson plans 2. Teaching 21st Century Learners a common core based curriculum 3. Integrating technology into lessons and plans 4. Motivating scholars towards achievement 5. Meeting with parents regarding performance and conduct 6. Developing 21st Century Learner improvement plans 7. Working with special educators in a co-teaching model for students with IEP plans 8. Work planning with school and community teams 9. Attending required professional development training 10. Create and review student assessments

Qualifications: Hold a current TN teaching license in appropriate subject area. Have bacherlors degree or higher; Has a proven track record of academic success as evident in TVAAS, state assessments, and value ad data. Hold the belief that all students can learn at high academic levels. Uses digital content, technology integration, and project-based learning in a highly efficient manner. Secured undergraduate and/or graduate majors aligned to subject area certification. Have the ability to work in an extended day environment. Has the ability to teach in an inclusion environment with a co-teacher. Working knowledge of or ability to learn the Windows platform preferred. Offers proven track record in the implementation of blended learning. Good communication and written English skills required. A team player with strong inter-personal skills.

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Granville T Woods Academy

GTW is a STEM based school that focuses on hands on learning

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