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Teacher Assistants work closely with the Lead Teacher with whom they have been partnered and other faculty members, particularly those on their grade level team. Teacher Assistants must have a minimum of an Associate degree, Bachelor’s degree in Child Development, ECE, or Elementary Ed preferred. While many aspects of a teacher assistant’s job cannot be codified, they are generally understood to include (but not exclusively) the following:

Minimum Requirements: 

*Must be motivated to learn and grow in an educational environment; and be willing to increase knowledge in the field of Early Childhood Education continually;

*Must be able to relate with and speak to parents in a respectful and courteous manner;

*Greet each child in a warm friendly manner;

*Must be willing to work in a team environment; be willing to share ideas and be open to other’s ideas, be flexible & willing to compromise;

*Must be sensitive to individual children’s differences and needs, and be willing to adjust the program & curriculum to meet those individual needs;

*Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;

*Assist the teacher in planning and implementing activities with children between the ages of two and six years, consistent with the curriculum guide, resources, and training provided;

*Follow basic principles of early childhood development as stated by NAEYC;

*Establish and maintain effective, working relationships with children, parents, staff, and program specialists;

*Be self-directed;

*Support the aims and ethos of GSL;

*Set an example in terms of dress, punctuality, and attendance;

*Be proactive in matters relating to their own health and safety.

Job Classification and Compensation:

This position will be assigned to the current pay plan on the basis of education and current credential(s). It is understood that the teacher assistant will work the hours the Head of the School assigned.

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