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Leadership Preparatory Charter School Middle School Principal

Leadership Preparatory Charter School is an independent, public charter school founded in 2015. We serve grades K-8. We are seeking a high capacity, fiercely positive, growth-oriented individual to serve as our Middle School Principal for the 2023 -2024 school year. (Approximately 150 scholars).The Middle School Principal will be responsible for maintaining a strong school culture and ensure alignment in high expectations for both teachers and students.

Job Description

The Middle School Principal works closely with the Executive Director, Director of Operations, Elementary School Principal and full Leadership Team in establishing and maintaining a constructive, emotionally supportive, and warm/strict school culture. The Middle School Principal is responsible for coaching instructional coaches and behavior support specialist. The Middle School Principal is responsible for the school’s academic performance and the school’s culture.

Job Outputs

  • Maintains a strong adult culture with annual staff retention over 70%.
  • Maintains scholar and family satisfaction with annual attrition under 15%.
  • Scholar growth: On nationally normed assessment, the average annual increase of percentile among scholars in ELA and Math will average a minimum of 5% percentiles of growth per year.
  • Classroom systems and procedures at school are clearly communicated and consistently implemented.
  • Scholar Culture reflects the iLEAD core values, joyful learning, growth mindset, and consistent social emotional growth.
  • Rigorous TN Common Core standard aligned curriculum is analyzed, selected, and utilized at a highly effective level for students as demonstrated by student assessment data.
  • Instructional staff that demonstrates strong alignment, urgency, and scholar first attitude.
  • A staff culture that demonstrates trust, collaboration, data analysis, and responsive action planning is cultivated and supported; data analysis is supported for all subject areas.
  • Maintains timely submission of all MSCS and TNDOE reports and data submissions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Leads and manages Instructional team including instructional coaches, teachers, paraprofessionals, and scholars support team.
  • Coordinates clear communication across school that results in clarity of expectations across team
  • Creates and leads a clear process for curriculum analysis, lesson planning, data analysis and lesson execution
  • Develops and leads educational programming, including the school’s curriculum selections process and remediation programming
  • Selects and leads or coordinates trainings for the staff on the assessments used by the school, such as Mastery View, STEP, and state tests
  • Collaborates with team to create and lead summer and weekly high quality professional development that is responsive to school needs and instructional trends, and drives teacher improvements and student growth
  • Leads instructional coaches in driving teachers’ growth at high levels by facilitating individual goal setting and coaching around classroom culture, curriculum implementation, lesson creation and lesson execution, and data analysis and action planning
  • Works with the school Leadership Team to develop, implement, and maintain every detail of the school’s systems and procedures, including Lifework, discipline, transitions, entrance and exit, community celebrations, morning meetings, and classroom culture so that Leadership Prep is structured and highly joyful with a focus on growth
  • Selects or creates system for tracking school culture, and monitors, analyzes, and defines action plans based on this data
  • Drives positive staff culture that is reflected in annual staff survey. (70% “strongly agree” with positive staff culture question)


  • Experience serving as a leader in a Middle school or High School. (Principal, Ass. Principal,  Dean of Instruction, Dean of Students – required)
  • Strong teaching track record of scholar success in the classroom and around scholar culture & learning
  • Experienced teacher coach with track record of growing instructors in lesson planning, curriculum building, action planning, data analysis, classroom management, and lesson execution
  • Deep knowledge of  strong teacher “taxonomies” ( i.e, Teach Like A Champion)
  • Deep knowledge of curricular resources and programs, including an understanding of common core standards and best practices for social-emotional learning
  • Strong executor with ability to create high quality work product and stay highly organized in a multi-faceted role with intense time pressures
  • Strong leadership presence and ability to motivate adults while holding adults accountable to high expectations.
  • Strong communicator and relationship builder with adults, including all school stakeholders such as staff, students, families and community partners
  • Commitment to maintaining a positive, collaborative, and motivated team
  • Commitment to drive cultural consistency and strong systems and routines.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills – highly organized and efficient, execution oriented, self-motivated, self-aware, self-directed, solution driven, and humble

Job Requirements

  • Experience in serving as a leader in a Middle school. (Principal, Dean of Instruction, Dean of Students – required).
  • Bachelor’s degree is required; Master’s degree is preferred.
    Administrators license required
  • Minimum of four years teaching experience in an urban public school or urban charter school setting required.
  • Previous school based leadership team experience required (Minimum 3 years leading adults); and
  • Experience and success leading and training adults to positively impact student outcomes; and
  • Belief in and alignment with Leadership Prep’s core beliefs and educational philosophy is non-negotiable.

Culture Fit = Do these words describe you?

Fiercely positive, sense of humor, problem-solver, intellectual curiosity, enjoy growth via feedback, organized, humble, self-reflective, self-directed, goal-oriented, enthusiastic, friendly, and emotionally intelligent

If yes, we are looking for YOU. Apply TODAY

To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, and contact information for three professional references.

Applicant cover letter should address why you want to lead and include the skills/attributes that make you ready to lead.

Salary: $90,000 per/year. (Salary based on the school size)

Only application packets that include resume, cover letter, and references will be considered).

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