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Overview _____________________________________________________________________

Memphis Rise Academy’s instructional positions provide ambitious and committed teachers with an opportunity to make a uniquely substantive impact on the lives of our middle school students.  We are looking for individuals who are motivated to work in an environment that is focused on preparing students for post-high school success, as well as who have a passion for impacting students beyond just the execution of their curriculum.  Responsibilities of instructional positions are detailed below.

Responsibilities ________________________________________________________________

·      Co-teach four class periods each day, generally two literacy and two math, collaborating closely with general education teachers on curriculum planning, lesson execution, and implementation of accommodations and modifications.

·      Lead pull-out/resource activities during a daily intervention block called Focus, remediating student learning on grade level or foundational literacy and mathematics content.

·      Serve as an IEP case manager, scheduling and leading IEP meetings, and ensuring fidelity to and compliance with IEP Management systems.

·      Maintain a well-managed classroom environment, consistent with Memphis Rise Academy’s core values of Responsibility, Excellence, Ambition, Commitment and Honesty, as well as our school’s expectations of structure and urgency.

·      Collaborate with members of the school Leadership Team and other support staff to identify and address challenges in a solutions-oriented, student-centered manner.

·      Serve in tandem with another teacher as a classroom advisor in Memphis Rise Academy’s daily Advisory program, helping students prepare for college through thematic activities such as goal-setting, self-reflection and betterment, and peer collaboration.

·      Communicate with parents through weekly Rise Reports (school-issued progress reports given every Friday) by writing holistic progress notes and also ensuring regularly entry of assignment, participation, and assessment grades such that Rise Reports accurately reflect current student performance.

·      Participate in Memphis Rise Academy Professional Development, beginning in summer and continuing each Friday afternoon (after early dismissals) throughout the year.

·      Assist with school operations related to Registration, Parent-Teacher Conferences, school arrival and dismissal, and parent/community events during school hours.

·      Other reasonable duties designed to complement those above, assigned by the Principal or members of Memphis Rise Academy’s Leadership Team.

Ideal Candidates _______________________________________________________________

Memphis Rise Academy is open to a wide variety of candidates and has a history of hiring candidates with vastly disparate background and experience.  All candidates for instructional positions at Memphis Rise Academy must hold, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree, and must enter the school year either with a valid Tennessee teaching license holding the necessary endorsement(s), or enrolled in a job-embedded Educator Preparation Program (EPP) which has been confirmed will lead to the issuance of a practitioner license during the first year of employment.

Our ideal candidates are individuals who understand that doing the best we can for students every day is the ultimate goal, and reaching that goal requires flexibility, creativity, true belief in the potential of our students and school, and an asset-based mindset towards all school stakeholders.  We are looking for people who want to commit themselves to preparing our students for college and being engines for them to, in many cases, begin believing that college is not just a possibility, but a realistic and achievable goal.

Memphis Rise Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and as such we pledge to not discriminate against employees based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.

How to Apply__________________________________________________________________

To apply for any open position at Memphis Rise Academy, send a resume and cover letter to careers@memphisrise.org.

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