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Job Summary

Under the direction of the Education Specialist, the Home Visitor will recruit families and provide home based services to pregnant women and families with children up to three years of age to provide health, development, and parenting information; and will serve as the Lead Home Visitor provide technical assistance and training to support Parent Educators serving Early Head Start prenatal and home based families.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  • Requires an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, Social Services or closely related field.
  • Requires 2 years of experience within an early intervention or early childhood home-visiting program.
  • Ability to provide a continuum of care to pregnant women and children ages birth to 3 ½ years.
  • CPR and First Aid Training.
  • Good oral and written communication skills, including good reading skills.
  • Good organizational skills.  Task oriented.
  • Ability to adhere to schedules and specific time tables.
  • Ability to have a positive relationship with children, staff and others from diverse backgrounds, including children with special needs.
  • Demonstrates potential leadership abilities.
  • Demonstrates emotional maturity and sensitivity to the needs and interests of the community.
  • Record keeping skills to maintain legible, accurate, up-to-date files so that information on children and families is readily researched and retrieved.
  • Ability to work as a team player and interact/assist all employees as necessary.
  • Possess the ability to forge a mutually respectful partnership with persons served and their families, conviction about the capacity of people to grow and change, the ability to set limits and maintain the helping role of the employee and the ability to intervene appropriately to meet the needs of the persons served and their families.
  • Ability to safely travel to and from the center and parent residences.

Supervisory Responsibilities

There are no supervisory requirements for this position.

Essential Job Functions

  • Perform according to the Head Start performance standards and comply with the policies and procedures set forth by Early Head Start, NAEYC, CWLA, Tennessee Day Care Licensing and Porter-Leath.
  • Recruit families for participation in the home based and/or prenatal program, to maintain a caseload of at least eight clients, (5) prenatal & (3) home based participants.  Assist with identifying and recruiting other potential clients to support other Home Visitors.
  • Conduct (at least) weekly 90 minute home visits (or as needed depending on individual situations) to participating families and their children, in their homes, to provide health, development and parenting information providing comprehensive home-based services.
  • Conduct monthly, 90-minute visits with all prenatal clients or as needed depending on individual circumstances.
  • Arrange for the postpartum 2 week visits after the infant’s birth to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the child.  Visit must be arranged in conjunction with the designated Health staff.
  • Arrange for 2 group socializations each month to include clients from American Way and/or other Early Head Start locations.

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