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Position Description: Under the general supervision of the Principal, the teacher is responsible to facilitate student success and growth in academic and interpersonal skills through implementing the core curriculum.  This position is also responsible for collaborating with teachers in promoting interdisciplinary STEM activities into the core curriculum.

Essential Functions:

  • Delivers STEM-oriented instruction through project-based learning methods to SoP students.
    Plan daily lessons to meet the needs of all students and assist students needing additional support. Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ varying needs and interests.
    Employs a variety of instructional techniques, instructional media, and performance assessments, which guide the learning process toward curriculum goals and student learning.
    Uses technology to promote learning, creativity, and collaboration.
    Develops, organizes, and documents STEM planning, implementation, and artifacts for the STEM accreditation process.
    Works directly with school administrators and staff in the development, implementation, and evaluation of STEM initiatives and curriculum.
    Organizes, develops, and coordinates special STEM events/activities.
    Coaches teachers on STEM initiatives and instructional best practices in the STEM areas.
    Serves as liaison to prospective or selected STEM vendors, to determine the best resources, options and innovations that will optimize the learning experience for students and staff.
    Initiates new programs that support the STEM vision.
    Ensure that lesson plans meet state STEM standards and emphasize STEM-related skills.
    Establish clear objectives for all lessons, units, projects, and homework assignments and communicate those objectives to students.
    Establish and enforce rules of behavior and procedures for maintaining order in their classroom.
    Confer with parents or guardians, other teachers, counselors, and administrators as needed to resolve students’ behavioral and academic problems.
    Design and implement assessments that measure progress toward academic standards and identify gaps in learning. Use assessment data to refine curriculum and adjust instructional practices.
    Prepare materials and classrooms for class activities and homework assignments. Create a positive, achievement-oriented learning environment.
    Communicate the level of student achievement and progress toward established classroom, school and state standards to parents.
    Ensure that students’ conduct conforms with the standards and policies at Schools of Perea and establishes and maintains standards of student behavior needed to achieve a functional learning atmosphere in the classroom.
    Participate in professional development opportunities, staff meetings, committees and school- wide events.
    Prepare and maintain accurate and complete records as required by law and school policy.
    Follow State Education Department Regulations.
    Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Principal.

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Schools of Perea

preparing students academically, socially and emotionally

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