SY2324 Instructional Assistant (KK – 5th grade)

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preparing students academically, socially and emotionally

About Perea Elementary School
Opened in Fall 2018, our charter school brings a unique, nationally acclaimed elementary school model to Memphis. In partnership with Perea Preschool (Memphis, TN), Perea Elementary School applies thoroughly researched best practices to prepare our students academically, socially, and emotionally for success today and tomorrow. For more information, please see

Instructional Assistant
We are currently searching for an Instructional Assistant for the 2023 – 2024 school year. The Instructional Assistant will provide vital support for and will work alongside the teacher; together, they will:

•      Rigorously develop our students’ academic skills

•      Support the school’s unique approach to developing students’ social-emotional skills

•      Foster a learning environment that develops thinking and learning within the classroom

•       Provide high-quality experiences all day, every day

•       Creates a space to allow our students to understand how deeply faculty/staff care for them

•       Intentionally listen and properly respond to the compliments and concerns of students, parents, and community members

•      Keep parents regularly informed about their children’s academic and social-emotional progress

•       Maintain a strong, student-centered relationship between home and school

•       Encourage in-depth parent participation in the life of the school

•       Utilize available resources to help families support one another

•       Support and reinforce Perea’s Core Values: community, empathy, innovation, safety and excellence with our students, parents, community members and colleagues


•       Affinity for the compelling mission of Schools of Perea

•       48 semester hours of college credits or bachelor’s degree

•       Personal and professional integrity


How to Apply
Please send a resume and cover letter to

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Schools of Perea

preparing students academically, socially and emotionally

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