SY2324 Teacher (PK, KK, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)

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preparing students academically, socially and emotionally

Position Summary:

The position of Teacher will be responsible for teaching students a variety of fundamental subjects as well as integrating a research-based Social Emotional Learning curriculum throughout the day. These subjects will include social studies, science, language arts (phonics, reading, writing, listening, and speaking), and math.


Essential Functions:
We are currently searching for Teachers (KK – 5th grade) for the 2023- 2024 school year. The Teacher will serve as the classroom Instructor and will work alongside an Instructional Assistant; together, they will:

·     Provide children with a fully-integrated learning day.

·      Teach students skills of self-regulation and communication.

·      Teach students through active engagement.

·     Engage students in lines of inquiry to enhance their learning.

·     Evaluate the child’s achievement of the overall grade-level expectations based on the TDOE standards.

·      Communicate with parents and students regularly.

·      Model emotional regulation for students.

·      Teach appropriate behaviors in the school setting.

·      Model understanding and responsibility for behavior.

·      Create and model clear rules in the classroom and for the outside world.

·      Model consistent expectations for the classroom.

·    Use positive discipline tactics that are developmentally appropriate and aligned with Perea’s Student Support Model

·      Help students develop positive relationships with each other and other people in their lives.

·      Teach emotional intelligence in a way that is practical and relevant.

·      Teach and model the behavior of strong readers and listeners to encourage development.

·      Teach students how to use words to express increasingly sophisticated feelings.

·      Teach students the foundations of literacy and numeracy.

·      Help families identify potential strengths and areas of growth to meet the individual needs of each student.

·      Helps families access resources and support for wrap-around services.

·      Participate in professional learning; share professional resources.

·      Praise students in order to acknowledge their development and achievements using appropriate words and body language.

·      Conduct all work activities in a timely and professional manner reflecting best educational practices.

·      Support and reinforce Perea’s Core Values: community, empathy, innovation, safety and excellence with our students, parents, community members and colleagues

Minimum Qualifications:
·      Bachelor’s degree with a strong record of academic achievement and a valid Tennessee Teacher License

·      Affinity for the compelling mission of Perea Elementary School

·      Personal and professional integrity


How to Apply
Please send a resume and cover letter to

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preparing students academically, socially and emotionally

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