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Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter Schools ( is a K-12 charter school in Memphis, TN. Our mission is to prepare all students in grades K-12 to excel in college and in life. Freedom Preparatory Academy opened in August of 2009 with a class of 96 6th graders. We now serve over 2,100 students in grades PreK-12. Our students have exceeded local and state averages in math and local averages in English language arts on the state exam.

We have three core beliefs that drive our mission:
1. Every child deserves the right to a high quality public education
2. A foundation in character development is essential
3. Direct exposure to an array of opportunities and experiences provides each child with the self-confidence and social knowledge to compete globally.

We will accomplish our mission through a highly structured, academically rigorous environment where students will master the core subjects, develop advanced academic skills, and demonstrate the school’s core values of: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Excellence, and Community.

The Director of Teaching and Learning reports to the Chief Academic Officer. The Director of Teaching and Learning will assist in the design and implementation of the Freedom Preparatory Academy instructional approach. The Instructional approach will focus on building the content and child development knowledge of teachers and leaders. In addition to building knowledge, the Director of Teaching and Learning will codify best practices in methods, drive the selection of rigorous, standards-aligned, and culturally relevant curriculum, and provide direction for how learning best occurs in schools and classrooms. Additionally, the Director of Teaching and Learning will support the development of instructional coaching skills for all leaders. All efforts driven by the Director of Teaching and Learning will be in service of an equitable, inclusive, rigorous, and diverse learning experience for all students.

Job Description:

Lead the Implementation and Management of a World-Class Academic Program:
•Design and implement a strategy for curriculum and assessment adoption and/or modification
•Create content blueprints for Freedom Preparatory Academy across all content areas
•Analyze and recommend research-based curriculum to support standards based approach to teaching and learning
•Develop and oversee systems for quality control and vetting of curricular materials, assessments, and professional development resources
•Implement data-driven instruction protocols for analysis and response to mastery data and students’ GPA
•Collaborate with Heads of Schools to deploy talent and resources based on academic progress monitoring
•Manage all academics and academic operations matters in the region
•Ensure instructional practices, curriculum, and assessments are aligned, created and used with fidelity with the TL team
•Closely monitor success metrics and take appropriate action when necessary
•Recommend best practices and collaborate with the CAO

Assessments and Accountability
•Create and implement the Freedom Preparatory Instructional instructional approach across all content areas with aligned scope and sequences and assessments
•Collaborate with Data Manager to analyze all assessments and correlate student achievement to best in class teaching and learning practices
•Collect and revise exemplar unit/module plans in core content areas for teachers and leaders

Develop and Lead a Teaching & Learning Team:
•Act as a bridge between program and school management, building relationships and supporting T&L teammates
•Develop short-term and long-term growth strategy for the Teaching & Learning Team
•Support T&L Team in managing academic programs, curriculum, assessments, and implementation support

Lead and Engage in Professional Development:
•Create and implement professional development strands for teachers and teams on content, methods and curriculum related to all content areas
•Create and implement professional development strands for leaders and teams on the instructional coaching teachers
•Create and implement an approach to catalog excellent teaching, planning, and practices through the collection of videos and artifacts
•Lead professional development sessions for leaders and teachers while using insight from student performance while collaborating with other regional academic team members, Heads of Schools, and teachers
•Support in the planning and facilitation of content team meetings in elementary literacy or math
•Engage in research and professional development opportunities
•Collaborate with the Teaching & Learning team on sharing best practices with teachers and leaders

Serve as an Outstanding Colleague with Leadership Team:
•Collaborate with Executive Directors and Heads of Schools
•Develop regional strategies for improvements in academics, culture, and staff engagement
•Participate in region-wide events and processes
•Report to the FPA Chief Academic Officer
•May need to be called in to support schools through school leadership or coaching and model academic leadership and excellence

•Bachelor’s Degree required, Master’s Degree preferred
•Tennessee Professional Educator License preferred
•Eligibility for Tennessee Professional Educator License required
•Considered highly-qualified based on NCLB guidelines
•8+ years managing Teaching and Learning Team
•Strong computer skills including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
•A capacity to motivate and lead instructional staff in order to yield the highest academic performance possible from all students
•A team-oriented approach and the ability to effectively set and communicate goals for the team
•Ability to give constructive feedback to facilitate student growth and academic achievement
•Openness to receive feedback on issues that will facilitate growth and achievement of both students and faculty.
•Demonstrated ability to take initiative and believes in curiosity and someone who is a continual learner.
•Demonstrated commitment to the educational mission, vision, and goals of FP
•Passionate about education reform and committed to building a network of schools that will yield high results, especially for children from high poverty homes
•Successful manager of an urban classroom who has used structure, incentives, and high expectations to drive student success
•Experienced classroom teacher with demonstrated, quantifiable and objective student performance gains that surpass state or local averages
•Unwavering in the pursuit of excellence even in the face of difficult opposition and challenges
•Kid- and teacher-focused with leadership experience
•Exceptional content knowledge and alignment to instructional vision
•Strong data analysis skills
•Presence and gravitas for effective communication
•Proactive, detail-oriented, and flexible
•Excellent communication skills and big-picture thinking
•Manage curriculum development strategy and resources for 5 schools
•Serve as liaison to schools, manage instructional budgeting, and coordinate with Team Teaching & Learning
•Excellent written and verbal communication skills
•Strong skills in working across multiple stakeholders
•Results-oriented and willing to do “whatever it takes.”
•Resourceful with a belief in the Freedom Prep mission

$95,000 – $141,300 a year
The Salary Range posted is based on a range, 1-21 years of experience.

BENEFITS AND COMPENSATION: We are excited that you are inspired or called to learn more about our mission, values, and potential opportunities. We’d encourage you to explore a few additional resources about us, the recent investment for what’s possible, and why you should consider our community as a place for you to become a part of. We are one of the few networks that centers the whole person and their needs to thrive and support themselves and their families in the South.

Check out some of the unique and rare benefits here, including but not limited to:
-Paying higher, scaffolded teacher salaries from Year 1 to retirement stage
-Zero dollar monthly premium options, including holistic options such as chiropractic or acupuncture care
-Focus on staff well-being and collective care through our Adult Social-Emotional Learning
-Support in obtaining licensure

COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY: Freedom Preparatory Academy is actively seeking to build a diverse and experienced team of educators. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, handicap, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin. We are an equal opportunity employer.

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Education is Freedom!

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