Local Educator’s Book, “A Black Girl’s Journey: The College Years” Releases this Month!

With this month’s release of A Black Girl’s Journey: The College Years Tasha Burnett is leading like a Memphian. Tasha is taking her experiences of thriving amidst adversity and creatively passing on the wisdom acquired along the way. Tasha’s passion for writing a solution guide for the puzzling college process flows directly from personal experiences, “I want to prepare and equip people with information and resources that I never had access to in my journey as a first-generation college graduate.” This important book is a welcome addition for those navigating the college process and the parents, guardians, and educators who walk alongside them.

“When you’re doing something as a calling it doesn’t feel like work, and I’ve come to realize that everything in my life was leading me up to this work”


A leading Memphis educator, Tasha currently serves as a College and Career Advisor at The Collegiate School of Memphis. Tasha works diligently to ensure that her students at Collegiate have information and access to every resource they can to avoid what she believes to be higher education’s greatest potential pitfall, debt. 

Debt, Tasha points out, is an issue that impacts students long after their decision to take it on. And when it comes to resourcing students Tasha not only talks the talk, she raises the funds. Her Burnett College and Career Advising Foundation provide both scholarships and career advisement. Tasha is creating an ecosystem of information and resources to guide students to their dreams of graduating college and finding a fulfilling career without breaking the bank long-term.

Empowerment is the ultimate goal Tasha tells us. Chapters empower readers to navigate everything from the application process, to declaring a major, to mental health and bad roommates. A Black Girl’s Journey: The College Years is filled with stories and advice to ignite curiosity and catalyze success. But Tasha’s view of empowerment is not only individual. It’s a vision for community empowerment. That having gained expertise the next generation of black women leaders, in particular, will be willing to go and share that multiplying the power.

Tasha’s advice is “to follow your passions” for educators and professionals interested in utilizing their experiences for entrepreneurial endeavors like authorship and fundraising to benefit others. “When you’re doing something as a calling it doesn’t feel like work, and I’ve come to realize that everything in my life was leading me up to this work,” Tasha states. Pursuing joy and continuing educational development has been at the center of Tasha’s journey to gain confidence in teaching and creating. And with that Tasha’s life and work come full circle. The answers to wisely navigating college and working a successful career in education come down to the same principles: affirmation, knowledge, and resources. Tasha Burnett’s Foundation and Book provide the next generation with all three. 

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“Empowerment is the ultimate goal.”