How can Girl Scouts Help Me in the Classroom?

Guest Post: Leah Fox-Greenberg of Girl Scouts Heart of the South

Through partnerships with area schools all over the Mid-South, Girl Scouts Heart of the South has been able to offer expanded services during these uncertain times.  This includes a grant to offer FREE memberships to those girls “In the 901” who can be forever changed and enriched by participation in Girl Scouts. We have created a “Resource Guide for Educators,” adapting our renowned leadership program, to offer new co-curricular options to meet the needs of every school or learning environment and fill gaps in extra-curricular activities. This resource can be found with other valuable materials on a special page on our website for educators.

Partnerships with and access to schools have been our most important pathway to serving girls, for more than a hundred years. We understand that physical access to schools is limited for safety reasons. We would like to work with you to understand how best to reach and serve your families to support your school’s educational goals and achieve measurable, life-changing outcomes for girls. 

Please reply to this mini-survey to tell us how we can meet your school’s needs.  We are here to help administrators, parents, educators, teachers and students.  We are here for 901.