Local Engineer Writes “Brown Money” to Inspire Wealth Building and Vocation

It’s never too early to narrate certain ideas to speak them into existence. This line of thinking is why many schools have university pennants up in their hallways and name classrooms after prominent HBCUs & Ivy League schools.

A local engineer—Warn Wilson Jr.—has started using children’s literature to bring attention to the building of wealth and vocation. When he was sidelined after a pick-up basketball injury, Warn had some free time on his hands—which he used wisely to write Brown Money. He’s excited about getting his book into the hands of young readers and hopes it’s inspiring to children while also being a resource for Memphis educators. Check out our interview with Wilson and make sure to download a FREE pdf copy of the book in the links at the bottom of the article!

Q1 Where are you originally from and how did you find yourself gainfully employed in Memphis?!

I am originally from Jackson, Mississippi. In 2017, I was hired as a Quality Engineer at Mitsubishi Electric. It was a smooth transition being that I have friends here from college. Memphis reminds me so much of my hometown.

Q2 What influences did you have to spark this creative endeavor?

I was influenced to write the book due to the lack of having this knowledge as a youth. I wanted to put information into a book that would have been very beneficial to me as a kid. I also want kids to be influenced by the message in the book and to realize that they have options. I want to hopefully expose them to multiple routes that they can take to achieve success instead of just the traditional route. I also want to introduce them to the basics of investing (via stocks and real estate) and the benefits of having multiple streams of income.

Q3 How do you envision Brown Money being a resource to Memphis students and educators?

I believe it can be used as a tool to introduce students to exploring the possibilities of STEM professions as well as career options other than the traditional college route. It can also be used as an introduction to financial literacy and investing for kids. It may also be a source of inspiration for inner-city kids to explore writing or creating books of their own one day.

Q4 What followup work to Brown Money is in the works?

I also have a card game for Brown Money that reinforces the lessons taught in the book and is a great learning tool. Also, I am almost finished with Brown Money 2, which will be a sequel to the first book. Brown Money 2 will go more into detail about the father’s life as an engineer. I am also in the process of creating Brown Money into an animated short film, which I hope to have ready by the end of the summer.

Q5 What places do you like to frequent to enjoy our city the most?

One of my favorite places to visit is Beale Street. It’s filled with so much culture, history, and of course entertainment. I love how they have several festivals throughout the year which help local small businesses and vendors. Another place I like to visit is Shelby Farms Park. I love to take my dog (Frenchie named Ash) there to let her roam and explore. One additional place I like to enjoy is Imagine Vegan Café. I am very into eating cleaning and this place is just filled with so many tasty options. I really love to go there lol.

Also note, Wilson paints and painted the cover to the book himself!