Pandemic Sparks Side Hustle for MSE SPED Educator

In case you didn’t know, Teach901 has created a program called We Love Teachers that highlights local businesses that offer discounts to teachers. We recently had one of Memphis’ own educators submit a discount for her very own online business! Kim Foster is a a special education teacher with Memphis School of Excellence and began her business during the pandemic.

Along with adding 25% off to Belle Fleur Essentials on the We Love Teachers site, we wanted to speak with Kim and get to know her better and hear the details of her new venture!

Q1: What influenced you to work in education?

What influenced me to work in the education field is the previous experience I had working with students with special needs. I am an advocate for special needs children and I wish the world would see their abilities instead of their disabilities. All students can learn; it is up to us to teach in a way that best fits their needs—which requires accommodations and modifications.

Q2: You've started a side hustle during the pandemic selling soaps and scrubs and such! How did you get inspired to start Belle Fleur Essentials?

The inspiration behind starting Belle Fleur is my daughter. Belle Fleur means Beautiful Flower in French, and the meaning of my daughter’s name Ayanna is beautiful flower. My daughter struggled with eczema and allergies when she was little. After spending thousands of dollars on products that didn’t work, I started creating natural products for her skin. My daughter started college and many of her friends would compliment her on her hair and skin and asked her what products she used and she would give them some of the oils and soaps I created. My daughter came up with the idea to start a business after great reviews from her friends. 

Q3: You initiated contact about offering a generous discount through We Love Teachers. Why do you think it's important to recognize and celebrate educators?

I love my fellow educators! My products are very soothing and designed to help hardworking people relax and create a safe at-home spa experience. Mental health and self care is very important to me and I want all teachers to take time to care for themselves and their mental health. 

Q4: It's fun that you've launched a side business during this season of virtual learning. Have you seen any education innovations take place that have potential to be great for kids?

Our students are thriving with virtual learning. Students are able to effectively navigate through technology; I’ve seen students as young as five years old operate computers, enter break out sessions, and create presentations. I believe our students can adapt to any environment and I am so impressed by them! They inspire me!! 

Q5: What are your favorite ways to enjoy Memphis?

I was born and raised in this beautiful city! My favorite way to enjoy Memphis is attending a Grizzlies game! I am a huge Memphis Grizzlies and Tennessee Titans fan! I also enjoy our food! I have traveled a lot, but nothing compares to the food we have here in Memphis! My top three Memphis Restaurants are Imagine Vegan Cafe, City Silo and The Four Way

Educators, make sure and check out Belle Fleur Essentials & utilize the We Love Teachers discount at Checkout!